Parish Council Planning Applications

Here is the list of the latest planning applications in the Micheldever parish. Click on the application Reference Number to access the Winchester City Council planning application web pages for the application you wish to view. You can also see a summary on the meeting agendas page.

Once in the Winchester City Council web site, you can see the overview of the application, and also the details if you click on the 'Associated Documents' icon.

Ref NumberMPC RefComment ByApplicationStatus
17/02669/TPC 365 N/A To crown lift maple and tip prune.
Parish Council re ESVH open space
No objection
6 Nov 2017
17/02649/HOU 366 1 Dec 2017 Timber framed car port (retrospective).
Laurence Gaitskell, 6 The Clock House, Basingstoke Road, Micheldever
14 Dec 2017
17/02674/HOU 367 N/A Single storey side extension
Mr & Mrs Cowley, Western Farm House, Overton Road, Micheldever Station
17/02678/HOU 368 29 Nov 2017 Replacement of existing lean-to side extension with one and a half storey extension, Replacement porch, door & window changes, Painting of external brickwork & replacement Of single storey brick shed and greenhouse.
Mr & Mrs T Pattinson, Bakehouse Cottage, Church Street, Micheldever
17/02665/HOU & 17/02666/LIS 369 6 Dec 2017 Erection of an oak framed garden room extension to rear elevation & reworking of existing side extension.
Mr P Marsh, Bramble Cottage, 41 Stratton Lane, East Stratton
Planning Committee 18 Jan
17/02377/HOU N/A 6 Dec 2017 Retrospective application for the enclosure of porch to create store cupboard, new porch to front of property with relocated front door.
Ms Kerin Mooney, 14 Mill Place, Micheldever Station
17/02890/TPC 370 N/A Weeping willow to reduce back to previous pruning points.
Mrs C Y Mount, 2 King Aelfred Cottages, Rook Lane, Micheldever
No objection
17/02894/FUL 371 28 Dec 2017 Erection of single storey office building.
Andy Rogers, Forest Holidays, Larkwhistle Farm Road, Micheldever.
17/02936/LDP 372 10 Jan 2018 Single storey side extension.
Mr & Mrs P Knight, Hilltop, Weston Down Lane, Weston Colley
17/03165/LDC 373 10 Jan 2018 Building class certificate application to allow application to carry out MOTís on behalf of DVSA
Transport Workshop, County Highways Laboratory, Stockbridge Road, Micheldever.
17/03122/FUL 374 25 Jan 2018 Amendment to 16/00933/FUL. Addition of external fire egress stair, change of cladding from Black stained ply and timber battens to black Trespa panel and aluminium Battens, 2 no velux, Addition of shed and incorporation of a 10,000 litre above ground water tank.
Mr Adrian Hamilton, Rofgo Park, Duke Street, Micheldever
17/03238/FUL 375 8 Feb 2018 Replacement of existing buildings with new steel portal framed buildings.
Mr Michael Kinge, Harlequin Swimming Pools, Innersdown Farm, Basingstoke Rd, Micheldever
18/00113/TPC 376 N/A To re-pollard willow.
Mr Mark Smith, 2 Stable Cottages, Church Barns, Church Bank Road, East Stratton
18/00034/LIS 377 21 Feb 2018 New shed (RETROSPECTIVE)
David Pugh, Corner Thatch, 62 Church Street, Micheldever
18/00364/TPC 378 N/A Various treeworks at Northbrook Hall, Duke Street, Micheldever
Micheldever Parish Council
18/00506/HOU 379 26 Mar 2018 Formation of new first floor on existing bungalow.
Mr Ian Gray, Wild Harvest, Overton Road, Micheldever Station.
Application permitted
18/00572/TPC 380 N/A To reduce silver birch by approx. 2m.
Mr Stares, Sweet Briar Cottage, 32 Stratton Lane, East Stratton
18/00645/HOU 381 17 Apr 2018 Proposed extension and alterations.
Mr Nick Drew, The Boundary, Coxford Down, Micheldever
Application permitted
18/00574/HOU 382 13 Apr 2018 Proposed glass balcony associated with a permitted development confirmed loft conversion. (Resubmission of 17/00620/HOU).
Mr David Davies, 4 Mill Place, Micheldever Station
18/00628/FUL 383 24 Apr 2018 Retrospective application for the use of part of an existing commercial storage facility as a unit of security accommodation.
Rofgo Park, Duke Street, Micheldever
18/00844/HOU 384 16 May 2018 Extensions, alterations & rendering of existing brickwork.
Mr & Mrs Chatterley, Peveril, Winchester Road, Micheldever
18/00273/FUL 385 15 May 2018 Single storey side extension.
Mrs Sophie Martin, Westcott House, Rownest Wood Lane, Woodmancott
18/00661/HOU & 18/00662/LIS 386 16 May 2018 Single storey rear extension.
Mr & Mrs Duncan-Reynolds, Bryony Cottage, Rook Lane, Micheldever
18/00845/HOU 387 19 May 2018 Demolition of existing conservatory & erection of a single storey rear extension behind garage & a new single storey link between house and garage.
Mr & Mrs Aisthorpe-Buckley, Bridge Cottage, Overton Road, Micheldever Station
Application permitted
18/00942/HOU 388 19 May 2018 Alteration of existing exit onto Basingstoke Road, to provide access and exit to Uplands House at the northern end of site. Current southern access to be stopped up and abandoned in perpetuity.
Mr Martyn Leroy, Innersdown, Uplands House, Basingstoke Road, Micheldever
18/01122/HOU 389 20 June 2018 Erection of single storey front extension, single storey side extension & new porch.
Mr & Mrs Bell, Flint Cottage, Church Street, Micheldever