Parish Council Planning Applications

Here is the list of the latest planning applications in the Micheldever parish. Click on the application Reference Number to access the Winchester City Council planning application web pages for the application you wish to view. You can also see a summary on the meeting agendas page.

Once in the Winchester City Council web site, you can see the overview of the application, and also the details if you click on the 'Associated Documents' icon.

Ref NumberMPC RefComment ByApplicationStatus
17/01045/FUL 351 22 Jun 2017 Demolition of part of existing dwelling. Construction of 4 bed family dwelling.
Mr & Mrs Chatterly, Peveril, Winchester Road, Micheldever
24 Aug 2017
17/01656/HOU 358 30 Aug 2017 Replacement of existing detached garden shed with detached oak framed garden room.
Mr K Gottlieb, Baileys End, 42-43 East Stratton
22 Sept 2017
17/01707/HOU 359 30 Aug 2017 Alterations relating to the Materials finish of the external walls and window form and associated minor changes at roof level following approval of Certificate of Lawfullness Ref: 15/01771/LDC
Lord & Lady Northbrook, 1 Whiteways Cottages, Embley Wood Lane, East Stratton
2 Oct 2017
17/02141/TPO 360 7 Sep 2017 1st horse chestnut - reduce branches back from dwelling to allow 2m clearance. 2nd horse chestnut - reduce one main limb growing over 31 Brunel Close by a max of 2m.
Mrs Christine Bridgeland, Brunel Close, Micheldever Station
8 Sept 2017
17/01907/HOU 361 20 Sep 2017 Garden studio replacing an existing brick outbuilding.
Miss Gates and Mr Game, 4 Parkhill Farm Cottages, Larkwhistle Farm Road, West Stratton
20 Sept 2017
17/02119/LDP 362 21 Sep 2017 Use of outbuilding to form annexe accommodation ancillary to the main house.
Mr B Karoly, Yaffle House, Weston Lane, Weston Colley
17/02236/FUL 363 18 Oct 2017 Construction of a steel portal building.
Karianca Ltd, Manor Farm, Rownest Wood Lane, Woodmancott
25 Oct 2017
17/02409/HOU 364 1 Nov 2017 Erection of an oak framed kitchen extension to rear elevation
Baileys End 42-43 Stratton Lane East Stratton SO21 3DT
17/02669/TPC 365 N/A To crown lift maple and tip prune.
Parish Council re ESVH open space
No objection
6 Nov 2017
17/02649/HOU 366 1 Dec 2017 Timber framed car port (retrospective).
Laurence Gaitskell, 6 The Clock House, Basingstoke Road, Micheldever
17/02674/HOU 367 N/A Single storey side extension
Mr & Mrs Cowley, Western Farm House, Overton Road, Micheldever Station
17/02678/HOU 368 29 Nov 2017 Replacement of existing lean-to side extension with one and a half storey extension, Replacement porch, door & window changes, Painting of external brickwork & replacement Of single storey brick shed and greenhouse.
Mr & Mrs T Pattinson, Bakehouse Cottage, Church Street, Micheldever
17/02665/HOU & 17/02666/LIS 369 6 Dec 2017 Erection of an oak framed garden room extension to rear elevation & reworking of existing side extension.
Mr P Marsh, Bramble Cottage, 41 Stratton Lane, East Stratton
17/02377/HOU N/A 6 Dec 2017 Retrospective application for the enclosure of porch to create store cupboard, new porch to front of property with relocated front door.
Ms Kerin Mooney, 14 Mill Place, Micheldever Station
17/02890/TPC 370 N/A Weeping willow to reduce back to previous pruning points.
Mrs C Y Mount, 2 King Aelfred Cottages, Rook Lane, Micheldever