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Call For Skills

Do we have in the village a plasterer who would be prepared to give no more than a day to skim plaster some internal walls on the Half Moon and Spread Eagle? Ideally, over the weekend 28/29 September but flexible before or after. Material will be provided as required. Please contact Charles Holden on 07748906434 or It would be enormously appreciated!

Half Moon and Spread Eagle Uplift

A fortnight volunteer blitz on the Half Moon and Spread Eagle is planned for the period 28 September until 13 October. If you can wield a paint brush and can give up some time to join the “Uplift Team”, please contact Charles Holden on or 07748906434 and a fuller brief will be forthcoming.

Micheldever new town on list of potential development sites published by City Council – update from the Dever Society

The proposal for a new town at Micheldever is on a list of over 240 sites proposed by landowners and developers as available for housing and employment within the Winchester District. Officially published by Winchester City Council on 3rd December and known as the Strategic Housing and Employment Land Availability Assessment (SHELAA), the list will feed into the review of the Local Plan currently being carried out by the City Council.

The inclusion on the SHELAA list of the 6,000 home new town at Micheldever by landowners the Magnier family and their developer the O’Flynn Group (see map left) was leaked back in the summer. The sheer number of homes dwarfs those on the other submitted sites, and the new town proposal really does stick out like a sore thumb.

Other sites in our area

The Magnier family/O’Flynn partnership has also submitted a proposal for 87 homes on fields the Magnier family owns next to the church in Micheldever (see map bottom right). It is only too clear that the hope of major housing development was the main reason behind their purchase of the Sutton Scotney estate last year. Sites in Sutton Scotney, Wonston and South Wonston totalling about 450 dwellings have also been put forward by other landowners and developers.

At this stage the submitted sites are speculative, and if you add up all the housing that could be built on the sites it comes to over 41,000 dwellings. As the City Council says, only a fraction of these will be needed over the 25-year period of the new Local Plan, but the list shows that there are plenty of options available for smaller scale developments. The use of smaller sites is likely to be a far more appropriate way to satisfy the local needs for new homes in our communities than 6,000 plus homes at Micheldever.

What are the next steps?

The first thing the City Council will do as part of the Local Plan Review is to establish how many new homes will be required in the whole of Winchester District. Only then will they work with Parish Councils and other stakeholders to decide which sites are the most appropriate to develop. However, the Magniers/O’Flynn Group are unlikely to sit back and wait for this to happen. They have made it clear to us that they will be promoting the new town throughout the Local Plan process and we are only too aware that once again there is a long battle ahead of us.

Can you help?

We are looking for people to help us organise events, fundraise and spread the word. Please contact us at if you would like to get involved. You can also help by spreading the word and asking people to follow our Facebook page or sign up to the Dever Society mailing list.

Asphalt plant - HCC gives itself go-ahead

Residents will hardly be surprised to learn that at a meeting of Hampshire County Council's Regulatory Committee on 15 March, plans were approved for the revival of the council's own asphalt production plant at Micheldever Station. County Councillor Jackie Porter, Parish Councillor John Botham and Micheldever Action Group member Nick Drew, as well as local residents, had all made strong cases against.

However, important concessions were gained: permission was granted for only five years, during which time thorough monitoring will take place as required by the Environmental Permit granted in February. This means that after five years the future of the plant will be reviewed and, if necessary, closed in the event of serious environmental breaches. In addition, a dust management plan must be submitted alongside a traffic management scheme. Micheldever PC has already requested a current air-quality assessment to act as a baseline for future monitoring and is requesting local residents and businesses to inform it of any dust and emissions issues.

Jackie Porter will ensure HCC correctly draws up these conditions, without loopholes.

Micheldever Allotments Available

There are allotments available in Micheldever. Please email Steve Hickin for more information

Micheldever and Stratton Preschool

Micheldever and Stratton Preschool is a vibrant, nurturing environment now taking children from 2 years old. We have some spaces in our sessions through the week so please do contact us if you interested in visiting to look around. See here for details.

Also, in conjunction with Micheldever School, there is a 10K, 5K and Fun Run, in Blackwood Forest on 26th April.

Planning Applications

You can now view all current Planning Applications via the Parish Council Section. When on this Parish Council page, click on "Planning Applications" on the right hand menu.

Settlement Boundary Maps

You can now view the Settlement Boundary Maps via the Parish Council Section. These show the village boundaries. When on this Parish Council page, click on "Settlement Boundatry Maps" on the right hand menu.

Census Records

If you live in an older property, have you ever wondered who lived there in the past? We are currently in the process of transcribing census records, which were taken every 10 years year from 1841 to 1911. There is a 100-year privacy law so later census records are not yet available. We have transcribed the 1851, 1861, 1881, 1891, 1901 and 1911 census records for Micheldever Village, Micheldever Station, the A33 and Weston Colley and will be making others available in the future. Click Census Records to access these records.

Village Design Statement

The Micheldever Parish Village Design Statement from 2002 is now available on this web site. This statement will be updated over the coming months, and feedback from the public to the Micheldever Parish Clerk is part of this process.