The Wine Circle

Micheldever has a thriving, fun and interesting Wine Circle.


The aims of the wine circle are very simple:

  1. To have an enjoyable evening with old and new friends.
  2. To try a range of different wines: grapes/styles/regions.
  3. To leave each evening with a little more knowledge about wine than when we started.

Upcoming Events for 2016

A Typical Evening

A typical evening revolves around the presentation and tasting of six different wine, three whites and three reds, and costs just 12.00 a person.

The evening begins at 8pm and the guests sit at tables of between eight and ten people. Each table is supplied with water, bread, and a selection of cheese. We would expect a normal evening to consist of four tables.

Each wine is presented in turn. The presenter will either be a local wine merchant, a selection of committee members, or someone with a particular knowledge or interest.

As a wine is presented a bottle will be given to each table to try, and then the presenter will give a short talk about the wine. The talk is aimed be both educational and entertaining.

The evening winds up around 10.30 pm.

The Parties

Twice a year the wine circle holds a party in the village. The evenings still revolve around the twin themes of good company and wine, but the presentation and education aspects are replaced by a meal and a range of silly things to do, many of them set to music.

The parties are our most popular evenings and often attract eight tables or more, with some members inviting their families and friends. As the parties involve food we have to charge more to cover our costs, typically a ticket is around 20.00.

How to Join In

Details of each upcoming event are advertised in the Dever magazine, on local notice boards, and primarily through the email list. You can get yourself on the email list by contacting us via the MWC email.

When you see an event that you would like to attend, then just fill in the return slip from the email and return it along with a cheque(payable to 'Micheldever Wine Circle'). The details of where to send it are all on the return.

The slip will need to be returned by the Tuesday before the event.

We make sure that everyone is given a warm welcome and made to feel comfortable.

If you are interested in presenting then please contact us, details below.

More information

If you would like more information then you can contact us either via email, by telephone on 01962 774 785, or approach any member of the committee:

Craig Eales, Amanda Jones, Julie Horrod, Lynsey Boother, John Sweeney, Matthew Cobb, Nigel Pratt, Hugo Maude