Micheldever Rights of Way Volunteers

“Always, everywhere, people have walked” - Thomas A Clark

Our parish is blessed with open spaces that have been enjoyed for many years, in some cases for millennia.

However as with any natural space, these ways can become overgrown and blocked and unavailable for use.

Our aim is to keep all these rights of way clear for use by walkers, riders and cyclists by: keeping nettles and brambles at bay; removing barriers and blocks; and maintaining or improving the signage used to show the routes. We have permission from the County to undertake this work, and use a combination of our own tools and those given to us by HCC Countryside Access Rangers.

If you enjoy our local footpaths, bridleways and other rights of way and would like to help, join our email list or have any queries, please get in touch with the groups coordinators:

  • James Alpe - james.alpe@gmail.com – 774492
  • Lynsey Sweeney - lynseysweeney17@gmail.com - 774006
  • If you would like to explore more of our local byways, one perfect way to do this is through the ‘first Sunday in the Month’ walks, organised by Sue Bell. These are advertised in the the Dever, or you can join the mailing list by emailing Sue directly at: suebell0906@gmail.com . Members of the Rights of Way Volunteers group are regulars on these walks.

    Useful links:
    Definitive map - Hampshire County Council’s online record of the County’s public rights of way
    Iron age hill forts – if you would like to find details of hill forts identified

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