1911 Census Records

The 1911 census was held on Sunday 2nd April 1911.

Below is a summary of the census records. However, if you wish to view individual details, here is an Alphabetic Index of Names indicating the census entry number where they are listed:

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Strangely, fewer houses are numbered than in 1901, although more streets are named and a few more houses are also named. However if you follow the order of the schedule, it should be possible to locate most homes by a process of deduction and elimination. Woodmancote is included for the first time with Micheldever.The order is as follows, with the number of households in each section: Enumeration District 1: Highway x 4, Woodmancote x 4, Stratton House, London Lodge, Basingstoke Lodge, Woodmancote, Highway x 3, West Stratton x 6, Park Hill x 5, Bradley 63-57, Micheldever Station x 3, The Warren Micheldever Station x 8, Micheldever Station x 24, Larkwhistle x 4, Blackwood, Park Hill Farm, Micheldever Station x 3, Bradley House, West Stratton x 5. Enumeration District 2: Newdown x 6, The Woods, Highway, Cowdown x 2, Duke Street x 19, Winchester Road x 15, Church Street x 26, Meadow View x 2, Southbrook House (Almshouse), Waterloo Cottages x 6, 49 Church Street + 1, River Cottage, Northbrook x 20, Northbrook Farm, Northbrook Lodge, Northbrook House, Railway Cottages Micheldever Station x 2, Manor Farm, Manor Cottage, Borough x 8, Borough Hill x 6, Norsebury x 5, Weston.x 14, Weston Down x 3.

There were approximately 1040 inhabitants listed..Predominant surnames were: Butler, Clarke, Cole, Collis, Miles and Whatmore, but there is definitely a much wider range of family names now. The places of birth also continue to widen. There were 2 born abroad, one in Aden, Arabia (Sch 132 ) and another in Kamptee, India. This is Florence Hinn, a British citizen who was employed as a nurse at the Vicarage (Sch 29).

For the first time in this census, the number of children from a marriage, both living and dead, are given. As are the number of years a couple has been married., if both are still living

Most people were still employed on the farms, the land, the railway, the Post Office and as domestic servants, with a few tradesmen also.

The following farms and notable house are itemised: